PARS freight Ways provides logistical services from a centrally located base in Richmond BC. Our strategic location next to the Vancouver International Airport (YVR) allows for little to no delay in freight handling. Canada customs, retail imports, and international shipping. We can support freight through air and across the ocean (LCL or FCL) as well as land, from one door to another

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Ocean freight offers several advantages over land and air shipping. Land transport is obviously limited to a contiguous land area but even air freight has restrictions that ocean freight does not. With ocean freight, there is more flexibility in what kind of cargo and the amount you can ship because of a ship’s large size.

Ocean shipping is also a better option for heavier items and longer distances because of fuel and cost concerns. Also, while ocean transport might not be as fast as air shipping, it can sometimes be more reliable since weather conditions affect departure times far less.

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Our complete national network offers you seamless service, reliability and flexibility that make containerized shipping easy and efficient. Depending on the distance where your cargo is located or has to move, we can offer intermodal service or transshipments service where savings can be achieve with little coordination.We have our own inventory of chassis that can be used at your disposal. Not only can we accommodate live loading/unloading, we are also flexible in leaving a container and chassis overnight for your convenience. Our chassis fleet includes 20’, 40’ and 45′ tridems.

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Logistical Services

We provide a wide range of logistical services like:

  • containers form ports and off docks
  • Freight forwarding
  • Dangerous goods handling
  • Door-to-door services
  • US and Canadian customs brokerage
  • Purchase order management
  • Sorting
  • Storage and warehousing

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